The Iraqi Surge

Professional talk show guest Ann Coulter recently wrote:
"We know the surge in Iraq is working because it is no longer front page news."
Crazy Ann got me to wondering.. so I found this Bill Kristol article titled The Democrats' Surge Problem. Here are a few excerpts from it:
But now the surge is succeeding. Any serious person has to be rethinking his position going forward in that light. No Democrat is doing any such rethinking, however. What Democrats are doing now is, in effect, denying evident success. And, by continuing to push for a withdrawal timetable, they are trying to prevent further success...

And the Democratic party, and its presidential candidates, are in the ridiculous position of being more anti-war now that we're winning than they were when we were losing...

The Democratic candidates have, as Joe Lieberman said last week, "emotionally invested in a narrative of defeat and retreat in Iraq."
My son says that things have settled down over in his section of Iraq.. I have been rethinking my anti-surge position.. I just hate to agree with Crazy Ann L


  1. It's just a matter of being honest, I think. Democrats just don't have the ability to do it. If they were against the war for moral reasons, then they could be against it even when things are going "well."

    The problem is that Democrats have been saying they oppose the war because it is destined for failure. Most of them are not opposed to all wars, just this one. So they are not able to admit that anything is going as planned.

    The mainstream media is invested in the Democrats, so they can't allow news that might hurt them to get out, and so they bury it.

  2. Hey KB,

    I don't know about the surge, but I am SURE I applaud your willingness to look again at something so personal for you. Wow! You keep re-earning my respect.

  3. I'm really glad the surge is bringing peace to neighbourhoods. Personal safety for families, especially children is pretty important. Do you think we will have to maintain the higher numbers of troops to maintain the peace?


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