Mac Zero Percent

0%How Addicted to Apple Are You?
Mac's are for rich lazy people.. I just made that up.. I'm just not Mac cool :)

No offence Brian :(


  1. Rich, lazy people? Not quite sure I understand why you would think lazy. Maybe because Mac users feel they should spend time getting work done rather than working on their computers? ;-)

    The rich thing is a misconception, too. Mac's have come way down in price. And, when you consider the total package of a Mac versus a similarly configured PC (including software) are very competitive. That's without considering Mac's are much easier to use, more secure and make people more productive.

    No offense taken. Not everyone can be cool, Bob. Otherwise, they wouldn't call it cool.


  2. You are way too cool Brian.. I bow to your coolness :)

    I think that you are mostly correct until you get into the business aspect of computing. There is way more software around to address corporate computing solutions. In our small church office if would be a major hassle to find Apple accounting software to support our computing needs. Our one Mac laptop drives me crazy just setting it up to use one of our three printers.

    And about the iPhone.. I'll take my Mototola Q smartphone over it for price and performance any day.. might change my mind on it one day.. but I might go for this one instead :)

    Cooly yours :)


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