Starbucks: Trouble in Latte Land

[Business Week] As expected, shares of Starbucks (SBUX) took a cold latte (with a splash of peppermint) to the face on Nov. 16. The stock tumbled more than 7% in Friday's session, to a new 52-week low, but recovered somewhat by the close, off nearly 4%, to $23.17. Volume was more than six times the normal 10.6 million shares. Given the company's weak outlook after the market close, the debate over whether Starbucks is a buy still rages around the financial blogosphere.

Is it possible that $tarbucks has finally saturated the market? There are 2 of them in my neighborhood unless you count the 3rd one in the Target store. Of course I help whenever I can.. mostly a 12oz bag of $tarbucks Columbia at Walmart. Are you doing your share?


  1. If you count the ones inside stores, I pass five Starbucks on my drive to work, that's in a five mile drive!

    I only have one about once a month for the two reasons: Calories, Money

  2. Every chance I get. The nearest "real" Fourbucks is an hour away (a Barnes & Nobles Starbucks cafe is 30 min.), so I usually have to settle for the Columbia from Wal-mart.

    Actually, I think the rarity of a Venti Mocha helps me enjoy them more.


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