Proud Mary Sing Off

On Monday, November 26, Tina Turner will turn 68.. she is one amazing woman.. this sing off is dedicated to her.. Happy Birthday Tina!

Tina at 65 in 2004

Tina in the 90s

Tina in the 70s


Creedance Clearwater Revival

Cast your vote.. it is a hard choice.. at least between the Tinas :)


  1. Bob, I love you! Seeing Tina in Dallas in 2000 was the thrill of my life - and since I was in my 2nd year of pregnancy, I needed it!

    The 90's Tina is my vote as it's the closest to that live performance I experienced. She IS amazing.

  2. I adore Tina! Saw her when she was still with Ike back in the 80's but she keeps getting better over time. I have to say - I love the Beynonce tribute, have it saved in my faves!


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