Lessons From Geese

A friend sent me this info about geese:
They mate for life...that is His promise and assurance that He is there for life, He will never leave.

They fly in formation...this is to help each other as they travel on their journey: stay in groups of people that you know are going to help with the load if one can not handle all of it, it will help with the wind resistance.

They "Honk" when they fly...this is for encouragement to keep up the pace and to cheer the lead goose.

When the lead goose is tired...another takes over and takes the brunt of the wind...and then the rest encourage that one also...they help each other out.
Amazing the things you can learn from God's creation. Honk if you agree J


  1. Not to mention that when geese honk, they start at one octave and go up one. ho-ONK! ho-ONK!

    Give it a listen next time and see.

  2. It helps balance the fact that they poop on EVERYTHING.


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