Defining Mistakes

So I watched my DVRed version of the Republican Iowa Debates that aired yesterday morning. It was a pretty interesting debate - the first Republicn one I viewed this year. The highlight for me was this 3 minute clip ... it gives us a glimpse into the candidates' hearts when they nswer the question "what is a defining mistake that you have made?" Hang onto the end of the clip - Tom Tancredo got my attention big time!


  1. Bob - so the last guy was Tom Tancredo? I didn't hear them say his name and that's not at all what I expected him to look like. He's was on the radio shows here a lot because of immigration.

    Wow, that was pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing this clip, this was insightful. (I think it made Rudy G. look kinda bad that he joked it off).

  2. I have to admit, Tancredo's answer was not what I expected. Very good to hear him say it.

    But of course I can't go on my way without saying this:
    Yet another reason I like Mitt. He took a risk and admitted a politcal mistake. This is much more risky than admitting a mistake made in his personal life.

  3. DK, Overall I was impressed with Mitt and see what you have been talking about ... still don't like his position on Iraq though :(

  4. I can understand that totally, KB. It breaks my heart to hear yours when you talk about your son being over there. Please know that I am not fired up about what is happening in Iraq, either. And please tell your son "thank you" for his service to those of us on the mainland.

  5. I wished they'd kept the rest of his 30 seconds. I would like to have heard more than the one sentence they gave him.

    That was a great question for them to ask and the candidates who made who didn't "really" answer should have given one. You can tell a lot of a person by what they've learned from their mistakes.


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