They Let A Monkey Through?

Shoes? Remove! And belt? Unclasp!

Hurry, sluggards, move it, fast!

Cell-phone holster — in the tray!

Pockets — empty! Right away!

Through the scanners — don’t depart:

Beep is heard, go back to start!

Half undressed, I wait in queue

… And yet they let a monkey through?

My wife found this poem in the KC Star. It is written by Don Munday and is a follow-up to this story.

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  1. KB, this was a great poem you found! This story cracked me up. When Mr. Right & I went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago, we departed DFW to Vegas and back. Our address on record indicated we lived in New Hampshire, so the system flagged us for a separate, more thorough search both coming and going.

    If I had a monkey, they would not have found it. UNLESS the monkey had a metal collar or had rolled in gun powder. Those sniffer machines are kinda refreshing.


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