Michael Vick Found Jesus Poll

I voted skeptically with the 60%.


  1. This isn't going to win him any points with the media. He should have said he found Krishna and now realizes he was torturing Grandpa.

  2. Working in prison ministry alot of the time the first thing a prisoner does is to claim to find God or Jesus for many different reasons:
    1. Add good time to sentence.
    2. Has a hearing comming up soon.
    3. Up for parole soon.
    4. Wants special priveleges.
    5. Don't want to face tough inmates that have it in for him because he is fameous.

    Having worked in prison ministry. I hope it is sencere. Only God will know. I am skeptical having worked with prisoners behind bars for over two years.

  3. I hear you preacherman ... my work in prison ministry led me to similar conclusions. Guess that is why I am skeptical.

  4. Count me in between the Skeptics and the disgusted folks.


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