Hell: A Different Kind of Torment

Over at Karen's place people have been talking about weighty issues like Eternal Conscious Torment in Hell - Yikes!

Yesterday I entered a different kind of torment after I downloaded and installed the latest installment of XP updates from Microsoft. My laptop now only works in "Safe Mode". I can't figure out how to get back to "Normal Mode". If anyone has a clue please leave a comment. With all of this hell-talk my laptop seems to be getting hotter L


  1. Have you tried going back in time? It might work. I once had a problem with one of my computers, the tech guy had me do a simple thing sorry I can't remember what it was. I just remember thinking in no way will this work. It did you might try calling the tech dudes.

  2. Thanks Milly. I did do a restore to several past dates but didn't get it to work. I fainally deleted the MS updates then worked in safe mode for a day then it just seemed to come back and seems to be okay. Now I still have to load those MS updates - this time one at a time :(


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