$35 to Vote in Iowa Straw Poll

Did you know that in the recent Republican Iowa Straw Poll:
Voters needed to prove that they are Iowa residents and needed to pay a $35 entrance fee. Many of the campaigns bussed in their supporters and payed their entrance fees.
I could believe it when I heard it ... I still can't!

I guess Romney and Huckabee have the bragging rights to the Republicans who were foolish enough to waste $35 to vote - guess I am just too conservative to do that J

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  1. As I said on my blog: The candidates paid for the tickets. It is one of the criticisms of the Straw Poll. But it does still demonstrate how well candidates are able to organize voters, which is important in a caucus state like Iowa, where you have to spend 3 or 4 hours at the caucus to vote.

    I’m sure many people were like me. I obtained my ticket from the Huckabee campaign, but then made a donation for the ticket price.


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