Bob Sasnak

This post is dedicated to byevad, salguod and the many others like them. If you follow along please submit the names (and URLs) of other bloggers who qualify for this dedication.


  1. I think I might qualify here. Someone told me recently that John Wesley thought all dogs would go to heaven. There are some pretty mean ones out there. Would they be nice in heaven?

  2. Cool! There's Andy who's web address is but his blog's name is Questio Coram Deo. That's all I know of, but I suspect there are more.

    Do a search for salguod and you'll find a couple more of us.

  3. He's been backwards ever since I have known him!

  4. Sknaht, Sasnak Bob!

    I've always been a bit backward. I'm glad to see that there are so many more of us out there!

    (I'll give credit where credit is due... I was inspired by salguod when I first got started!)


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