So my wife is back in the hospital experiencing another Multiple Sclerosis relapse - that's four since last September ... frustrating. Over the next few weeks she will undergo a series of seven procedures called Plasmapheresis. According to Wikipedia:
Plasmapheresis (from the Greek plasma, something molded, and apheresis, taking away) is the removal, treatment, and return of (components of) blood plasma from blood circulation. It is thus an extracorporeal therapy.
The purpose is to remove elements in Ann's blood that may be causing her immune system to go into overdrive. Here's hoping that, between this therapy, more IV steroids and some planned chemo treatments, Ann will be back on her feet in a few weeks and better than ever. It seems that in these days I am getting another chance to follow my own advice about not taking offense :)


  1. Hey Bob--Ollie here. This procedure sounds pretty expansive. I will be praying that it is immensely successful in allowing Ann's body to heal itself and be restored to full functioning.

  2. Wow....prayers will be with you both. I know that this is as hard on you as it is on Ann. We're with you, brother.

  3. I just have nothing to say, Bob. May the Lord strengthen your spirits with Life against the death fighting Ann's body. And may He work healing through this freaky-sounding procedure.


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