Broken Hearts, Unanswered Prayer

I spoke this morning at church on the topic of Broken Hearts and Unanswered Prayer. You can listen in here and follow along on the slides here. Please let me know if you listen in and what you thought about it.


  1. Honestly, Ive not been able to listen to much of it, yet.

    But I did listen because I was SOOO curious what you sounded like. And do you know what? You sound JUST like I thought you would!!!

    How cool is that.

  2. I listened - all the way through, yea for me! It was a beautiful message, KB. It was also something I needed. I found myself pulling out my Bible and following along and praying with you at the end. I'll be spending some time over the next few days really praying about the heartbreaks I have been blaming God for and those I have judged in their weakness (boy, a lot of faces popped up in my mind with that one!). Bless you, bro!


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