Who is Buddy Roemer?

I was surprised this morning to learn that this man is running for president. It speaks to how a former governor and congressman can be excluded by the powers that be in the Republican Party. Here are a few of his quips:

"Washington works for the 1%.
DC gives tax breaks to corps that send jobs overseas;
lets top campaign contributors write policy."

"We've Become a Government of Big Checks"

"Occupy Is Fighting Against Corruption"

If you want to find more about Buddy check out his website or follow him on Twitter here. He might surprise you!

Did you know that Buddy is running for president?


  1. I think the hosts of the debates are at least partly responsible for this. I would also like to see Gary Johnson included in the debates.

    I'm not a conservative but I would vote for Roemer over any of the other candidates.

    I don't expect Romney to get the nomination for more than one reason, of which his religion is one. So Newt gets the nomination unless someone other than Perry, Cain, Bachmann, Paul and Santorum is considered.

    Newt would make for an interesting debate against Obama but he won't stand a chance in the general election.

  2. heard him on morning joe today. what i found most insightful was his recap of how the rules get changed from debate to debate. this is the world we live in... the rules are set up in order to achieve the desired outcome of the rules setter.


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