America is 83% Religious

To listen to many folks these days one might think that there is an onslaught invasion by a massive anti-God army in America taking place. This USA Today Faith Topography seems to indicate otherwise. I guess many atheists are outspoken causing them to seem to be large in number while many religious people exercise a faith that is a bit quieter.

Feel free to check out the faith topography of your state here.


  1. I find that quite interesting. I am surprised the Evangelical Protestants exceed the Mainline Protestants and the Catholics. But this does raise the question of if there are that many of us why are we not having more of a impact on society.

  2. Greetings From Southern California.

    A most interesting chart. Thanks for the link.

    Take care and have a Great Week - *TOGB -Gmail Contact

  3. @Mike - Perhaps things are actually better than they would be if not for people of faith?

  4. Could be, Bob, it is good to keep things in perspective.


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