Preventing Cyber Monday Identity Theft

Sadly this is a time of the year that identity thieves prey on folks making purchases online. So on this day called Cyber Monday I give you the following checklist with complements of the folks at and

  • Don't access secure websites, such as online banking, from shared computers or in public.
  • Use the privacy settings on social networking sites to ensure you're only sharing information with those you trust.
  • Only provide your Social Security number when necessary, such as for employment, tax forms or bank records.
  • Be careful opening files, links, emails, etc. from unknown sources or from a friend's account that may have been hacked.
  • Check the security of online stores before you purchase.
  • Shred all sensitive information before throwing in the trash
  • When sharing personal information with certain professionals, such as tax preparers or mortgage lenders, be sure to choose companies you trust.

Ann and I will probably do a bit of online shopping this season. How about you?

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  1. I'm trying to stay away from all of that type of shopping this year.
    Making homemade notecards from my photos for friends and some family and then we are taking the easy way out and doing gift cards for the Granddaughters. they can watch for sales and get exactly what they want and it will actually fit them.
    Restaurant gift cards helps out too.


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