Occupy Black Friday?

Saw this image on the Occupy KC website along with a few videos of folks being trampled trying to get into stores and score deals on Black Friday (i.e. the day after Thanksgiving). Also saw a few clips on TV of folks camping out at Best Buy and Target waiting for the great deals on that day. Seems like a bit of insanity just to score a few hundred bucks off a big screen television.

Guess Black Friday has never been much of an attraction for me.

How about you? Are you planning to get to a store before the sun comes up?


  1. Hi Bob,

    I stay away from Black Friday as much as possible. I prefer to keep whatever sanity I have and let the crazy bargain hunters have at it. Not that I don't like a bargain, mind you, but I like my sanity more.

    BTW, how is Ann doing? And how are you doing, dear friend?


  2. I used to work in retail and have no attraction at all for Black Friday. I intend to look for whatever bargains I can find some other day.

    Happy Thanksgiving and a safe and comfortable Black Friday.

  3. It's an annual event for my wife (who just left for the new 10PM kickoff, she'll be out til morning). In the beginning she went for the sales... these days I think she goes more for the fun of it. Me? I am going to bed!

  4. "Black Friday" has never been an attraction for me. However, if I had my way Occupy Portland and other sites would be jailed until next Black Friday for attempting to hijack and occupy retail stores, public parks, and any public space.


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