Shred it Now!

Years ago we bought a shredder and have not regretted the investment one bit. In fact, we wore our old one out and had to buy a new one last year when we downsized and move. Matt Brownell recently offered "8 things you should shred right now". Here is his list:
  1. Old Tax Returns | older than three years
  2. Bank Statements | especially old one with SSNs
  3. Credit Card Offers | tearing up is not enough
  4. Old Photo IDs | info on it can be used
  5. Pay Stubs | gold mine for identity theft
  6. Convenience Checks | from credit card offers
  7. Cancelled Checks | contain bank routing info
  8. Cancelled Credit Cards | info on mag strip
This is a great list and is worthy of a complete read at the MSN Money site. Last year we shredded boxes of cancelled checks, bank statements, pay stubs and tax returns. It took us days to go through all of our files but it was worth the effort. I suggest you give it a try.

Did you find this helpful? Anything missing on the list? Do you own a shredder?

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