Ancient Sounds

Well maybe not really ancient but these sounds from the folks at Mental Floss bring back a lot memories.
Here is the list in short of "11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard":

  1. Rotary Dial Phone
  2. Manual Typewriter
  3. Coffee Percolator
  4. Flash Cube
  5. TV Channel Selector
  6. Record Changer
  7. Gas Station Driveway Bell
  8. TV Station Sign-Off
  9. Cash Register
  10. Film Projector
  11. Broken Record

Any of those bring back memories? I suggest that you check out the entire post, replete with videos, here.


  1. Boy, that does bring back memories.... Also our phone had a prefix. Mercury ~~Thanks for some more looking back......

  2. Hi, I'm over from Susan's blog. I think the only thing my 10 year old would recognize would be the rotary phone. Oh, and the manual typewriter only because we have one that belonged to her great grandfather. I've forgot all about the gas station driveway bell! Good memories for me.

  3. Wonderful list...and it did bring back many memories.
    Remember the smell of those camera flash cubes when they popped?

  4. ...and sometimes the old TV sets hummed. You had to smack 'em on the side to stop.

  5. We still have an old rotary phone and a typewriter here too:)

    I remember most of these.

  6. Yes sir, I am familiar with everyone of them. I can still remember the TV sign off's complee with the Star Spangled Banner playing.


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