The Unknown Unpopular Conservative Candidate

In his latest Politico post, titled "Who is the real RINO?", Joe Scarborough poses twenty multiple choice questions where you can choose between Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman to answer the questions. His answer to the title question about who is not a RINO becomes fairly obvious as he ends with these questions.

  • Which candidate is the only GOP presidential contender to come out in full support of the Ryan plan?
  • Which candidate was ranked by Cato Institute in 2008 one of the most fiscally conservative governors in America?
  • Which candidate was cited by the Pew Center for running the “best-managed” state, hailed by Forbes magazine as the “most fiscally fit” and ranked first in the country for job creation?
  • Whose economic plan does The Wall Street Journal consider the most impressive and conservative of the Republican presidential field?
  • The American Conservative wrote this about which GOP candidate, “For the past two decades a ‘moderate’ Republican was one who didn’t generally side with his party on three issues: taxes, guns and abortion. [This candidate’s] record on those isn’t just to the right of the moderates. It is to the right of most conservatives”?
  • Which candidate was praised in a Club for Growth report for reforming health care with “no individual mandate, no employer mandate and no provision for a massive expansion of subsidized care unlike Obamacare or Romney’s plan”?
Perhaps Joe does not understand that it is not Forbes, the American Conservative, the Cato Institute, the Pew Center or the Wall Street Journal who defines what a conservative is and which candidates are RINOs. Everyone know that it is squawk radio hosts and cable TV celebrities that define these terms. Duh!!


  1. So you have two guys that are total RINO's, and then one that is so darn conservative, that he took a position in the most unconservative administration in our history. They all stink. And if the Cain allegations are true, I'm totally disenfranchised. If they aren't true, then I'm dropping out.

  2. I hate politics.
    I am voting for Obama again. There, I said it, in public.


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