Stress Test | Not the Treadmill Type

Yes, I have had several treadmill stress tests that have evidenced a healthy heart. I take them because my cholesterol levels run a bit high. But that is not what this post is about. It is about the other kind of stress - sometimes I forget that stress is something that I can do something about. Consider this excerpt from Kim Allen's post Storm Warning ...

When did we forget that stress is the body's way of warning us something is out of kilter? Take this short 'stress test' if you're still not sure it's time to stop all the talking and do something about it. 

Low stress levels
  • I feel well
  • I am able to relax
  • Physical recreation brings me pleasure
  • Increasing pressure enhances my performance
  • My thinking is clear and I learn easily
  • I am able to say "No"
  • Others see me as adaptable & approachable
  • Others see me as energized and successful
Moderate stress levels
  • I feel driven, hyperactive, and restless
  • I tend to make snap decisions but with errors
  • I feel over-burdened but can still say "No"
  • I often feel tired but am taking steps to recover
  • I often try to squeeze a few extra drops out of my performance
  • Discipline, fitness, social pressure & stimulants play a greater role in my ability to perform
  • My sleep is just about adequate
  • Others see me as tired yet successful
High stress levels
  • I often loose perspective
  • I feel irritable & on edge
  • I complain and grumble regularly
  • I work longer hours but get less done
  • My home/work balance is suffering
  • I have repeated minor ailments, aches and pains
  • I don't think as clearly as I used to
  • I have sleep problems
  • I feel like I'm operating in survival mode
Now don't get stressed out about stress! Events and situations (the traffic, the deadlines, the bills, etc.), don't cause the damage; our negative reaction to these events –how we feel –do. And how we react is something we can change.


  1. I think most of the time I operate at the low stress level.
    Life is a journey and I want to be able to enjoy it.
    Mini vacations and being with family are sure battery chargers for me.
    On another note...
    I changed to Google Chrome (or shall I say, my son helped me) and now I can comment and get the posts just fine.
    Yay, that stress and frustration ore over and done with.

  2. I think that you might like Chrome. I have been using it for two years now and like it.

  3. I tend to feel more on the moderate stress level, but God has been working for sometime to change my attitude. But I find your test helpful. At least I am not as stressed as I could be.

  4. Had not thought of that Mike! Guess there is an upside to putting things in perspective.

  5. Perhaps, I'm simple or naive...but I fall in the low stress level. I think the main reason for that is RETIREMENT LIVING! (((smile)))

  6. Good to hear Wanda. For some, the act of retirement initially causes stress.


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