The World Series comes to Missouri

This funny Shoebox cartoon reminds me that tonight the Texas Rangers come to St Louis in the first game of the World Series. I am pulling for the Cardinals  but cannot say that I will faithfully watch every game of the series.

Are you a fan? Will you be watching the series?


  1. I'll watch some . . . especially if it gets close and is a good series. As a NL fan, I'm cheering for the Cards (though since the Rangers are one of my favorite AL teams I will be happy either way).

  2. Yes, we're fans, and since our dear friend Tom from Texas will be rooting for the Rangers...We will join him.

    Actually, I just want to see some fastastic baseball, great plays, great catches, great homeruns, and no one getting hurt!!! Let the best team win!!!

  3. I'm married to a long time Cards fan. I'l be watching! LOL!

  4. I'll be watching at least some of the series. I normally would much rather see a game in person than on tv.

  5. I'm torn since I have friends who are from both Texas and Mo.
    I enjoy a little baseball and so does my hubby so 'm sure we will catch some of the games.
    Here's hoping for good games all around.


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