They Raise Me Up

Had lunch with a great friend this week and found myself talking about Pat Robertson's advice to a caller about what a spouse of an Alzheimer's patient should do. I told him that I thought that his advice was pragmatic but did not call me up to a higher level of living. I wondered what people would have said if Robertson had said something that inspired them to rise above their fleshly passions and embrace a higher calling to love in a sacrificial way.

It got me thinking today about the inspirational refrain from that song made famous by Josh Groban titled You Raise Me Up:
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.
When I think about this I remember people who have raised us all up by their examples. Here are a few modern day people who have inspired me and raised me up:
  • My Dad taught me by example about kindness. His legacy to me was the call to being a kind and gentle man. When I think of him I am called higher to lead a life of dignity and quiet service to my family and my friends.
  • Eustacia Cutler who said no to the professionals who advised her to institutionalize her young autistic daughter. When I think of the success of her daughter, Dr Temple Grandin, I am called to a higher level of parenting and commitment.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr who preached a different kind of reform than others who had a more violent ilk. When I think about the courageous actions of Dr King I am called to a higher level of dialog with those who disagree with me.
  • Eric Liddel who said no to powerful British officials who compelled him to violate his conscience and run in the Olympic Games on a Sunday. When I am tempted I am called higher to a higher level of conscience and conviction when I remember Eric.
  • My wife Ann who demonstrates each day to me what it means to be an overcomer. When I get weary and want to throw in the towel Ann's tenacity and discipline calls me higher and inspires me to greater love and greater faith.
These are just a few. I could name many more who inspire me to be a better human being. Who are the people that call you higher? Who are the ones that raise you up?


  1. My Mother ~ who was the perfect role model of a godly woman.
    My life long friend Kris ~ who always raised me up when I waivered Spritually.
    My Dearest ~ It was his integrity and honesty that drew me to him in College, and he had been that man of integrity and honesty to this day.
    The story and movie of Hellen Keller has always inspired me.
    Beatrice Potter ~ Who never gave up on her dream in spite of walls lined with rejection slips for her stories and illustrations of Peter Rabbit. She is my "artist" role model and raises me up, when I feel rejection.

    So many more....what a special post Bob.... I need to tell these people how much I appreciate them...those that are still alive!

  2. Thanks for the tears! I enjoyed reading about the people that inspired you. I think that my favorite of your list is your wife, Ann.

    I have a long list of people who have inspired me over the years.
    I will only name a few...

    My husband: He is one who is a fighter and a righter of the wrong. He can't stand injustice. He has shown me to stand up for myself, even when I didn't think that I could.

    My parents: They raised me to know Jesus. They didn't do it with words, but through their examples of the love of Jesus. They continue to lead by example.

    My pastors: They have been through hell and back. They continued to serve, even through the darkest of storms. They showed me that through life's toughest battles, I can praise God.

    A little boy that went to the school that I work at (I am not going to name him): He is in a wheel chair and over the 2 years he was there, fought his disability. He got worse over those 2 years, but even when it was hard to hold a pencil or talk, he would do his best to do so. Through all of the pain, he loved school and loved being with other children. He was always encouraging every teacher and student that he came in contact with. He taught me to live life to it's fullest.

    My best friend, Krista: She is and continues to encourage me in my faith. She is always in the Word and tells me of the neat things that the Lord shows her. She encourages me to continue to draw close to the Lord.

    I have a lot more people to name, but those are my tops for now.


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