Home Answering Machine or Voicemail?

I just left a message for a friend on her home answering machine.. at least I think it was an answering machine.. it could have been on one of those services like at&t Call Notes. I used to have voicemail on my home phone but always had problems knowing when I had a message because, unlike my answering machine, there was no audible or visible notification that I had a message. These days services like Google Voice give you the option of receiving a transliterated text or email message when you have a message in your voicemail inbox. Yet this option is not available for land lines.
Do you have a home land line with voicemail?


  1. I have a land line with voicemail. There is a light that blinks on the phone and the base whenever there is a message.

  2. Hi Bob,

    Hubby and I are still using the answering machine we bought years and years ago. It works, so why fix it?

    Glad to hear Ann's abilities continues to improve! YEA!

  3. We used to have an answering machine when we had a land line. We dropped the line because most of the incoming calls on it were telemarketers. Now we just use cell phones.

  4. I have a land line with voice mail. Our phone lights up and blinks and the dial tone stutters when we have a message.

    I like it alot better than an answering machine. I don't have to worry about rewinding, playing, tape, etc.


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