Does everything happens for a reason?

This image I copied from Facebook reminded me that I once weighed in on this question a few years ago here.

I still believe what I wrote back then that the reasons things happen to us are to give us the opportunity to mature and become more like God.

Do you think that all things happen for a reason? Explain why you do or don't.


  1. I would agree with you that things happen in our life to make us more like Christ as you mentioned in regard to Romans 8:26-30. But I am also convinced that many things that happen to us we cannot fully understand until God explains them to us.

  2. Yes, and the reason is to move closer to God, as you say. How close is up to us. Free will is a wonderful opportunity to discover God. Life is the season for the reason,

  3. I saw this floating around Facebook, too, and as I wrote to my friend there, I REALLY dissagree with this philosophy! It paints a cruel picture of God, one I don't recognize as the God I love. Lets take a current tragedy as an example: Did God have a reason for the little Chinese girl to be run over two times and later die of her injuries? Did it help her become more Christlike? Did she learn her lesson?

    I believe things happen as consecuences for our actions. I don't know the details of the little girl (I was too horrified to read more than the headlines) but if I ignore my child and then run into the street and they are hit my actions had consecuences...horrible consecuences. Would the neglect be considered a sin? Perhaps! Is God willing to forgive my sins? Yes, and he has promised to do so and to erase the ultimate consecuence of second death, but that doesn't mean that if I ask God to forgive me that he will take away the natural consecuence of the death of my child.

    So in a sense, yes, things happen for reasons, our choices and actions bring about results, but I cannot agree with the picture of God causing tragedy with the purpose of teaching us a lesson. God can (and promises to) bring good out of all things, but that doesn't mean he is the cause of all things.

  4. @Mike - Yes, so many things are beyond our understanding

    @Danny - Free will really does play into the conversation.

    @Heather Ann - That last sentence says it all!


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