Déjà Vu and You

Ever experienced déjà vu? I have. It is an eerie feeling when something happens that seems familiar or someone says something that you recall but have no memory of.

To me it speaks to the mysteries of life and the nature of human existence. What do you think of when you hear the words déjà vu?


  1. A time when Don and I were first married and took a trip to San Francisco, and Sausalito. Don had never been to S.F. anywhere in the area as he was from Southern CA.

    As we started around a corner, Don stopped in his tracks and said, I know what's around the corner...a little cafe with vines and flowers hanging from the windows....we went around the corner, to find it just as he described.

    To this day, the mystery stays...we could never figure that out..."Go Figure".....

  2. Does "Deja Vu" in dreams count? Sometimes I dream and I think "haven't I dreamed this dream before?" ...

  3. What do I think of when I hear the words déjà vu?

    1. Been there, done that!

    2. The title of a movie.

    3. When my wife repeats the same orders to me over and over again! I usually say, "haven't I heard that somewhere before?"

  4. Wasn't it Yogi Berra who said " It's "Déjà Vu all over again!"?

    i don't know if this counts as "déjà vu", but it seems something like it. I had just changed the month on a calendar featuring photos of European castles and the new pic was of a castle in Galway, Ireland. Out of the blue, I said "Oh, I've been there." Now, mind you, I do have roots going back to the Emerald Isle, but the total extent of my foreign travels have been a few day excusions into Canada. I've certainly never been to Europe, but still that photo had an undeniable feeling of familiarity and even "home" to it. Perhaps it's a case of genetic memory rather than "déjà vu", but it was definitely just as strange.

  5. I have had days when it seems like I have lived it before. Just like Paul Long stated about it seeming like he had dreamed it before, I am the same way. I dream most nights and wonder if I dreamed it. Life is a mystery and I think that is what makes it exciting.


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