Secretariat | ★★★★★

I had high hopes for this one. A Netflix reviewer echoes my thoughts about the movie:
I guess I had higher expectations when I started to watch this. I was expecting something at least somewhat as engrossing as Seabiscuit. But -to put it bluntly- it wasn't. It was oddly self-indulgent. The movie is a series of scenes: Diane Lane striking poses with the horse, some other character striking a pose with the horse, Diane Lane making some overly-sappy passionate statement about the need to take risks, some other character making an overly-sappy passionate statement about horses and racing.
The movie was too long and needed a lot of editing.
On a scale of ten I give it ★★★★★.


  1. You just saved me two hours. The girls watched it and said it wasn't that good. This confirms it.


  2. I loved the movie!!! I thought that it was such a great movie!


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