Just Like Heaven | ★★★★★★★★

This 2005 Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo romantic comedy really surprised me. The characters were interesting and story line engaging. There were a few messages in the movie that appealed to me:

    1) Don't let your job be your life.
    2) One must let go of the past to live.
    3) Love transcends our humanity.

I thought that the chemistry between the main characters along with some nice plots twists were good. I suggest that you rent it if you have not seen it. On a scale of ten I give this movie ★★★★★★★★.


  1. One of my favorite romantic comedies, very touching, and she has great comedic timing.

    Check out todays Jesus Creed for a nice discussion of John Stott and annihilationism, I thought of you as I read it.

  2. I was wondering about that movie. Thank you for posting about it!


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