Happy Thanksgiving

Hope Your Day is a Blessed One!


  1. No picture says it better. I've always loved Norman Rockwell's work. He was the master of capturing "people" and "moods".

    I put my turkey in at 3:00 AM and about it's so great to wake up to that wonderful Thanksgiving smell.

    You and Ann are in my thoughts and heart today.

  2. I meant to say at about 6 AM that great smell start filling the house.... :)

  3. Thanks Wanda. As it is just the two of us today we bought a precooked turkey.. only an hour and a half at 325 degrees.. I am getting hungry.

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. Blessings on this Thanksgiving Day. Wish you were closer, we would love to have you join our family.
    10 of us are going to an assisted living residence and help serve and visit with the wonderfu people there. Our church is supplying all the food and volunteers. Looking forward to the day. From there its Turkey time at our friends house. They are like family to us and we all bring the goodies to go with Tom.
    I am thankful for our blogging friendship too.


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