Redneck for Life

One of my favorite Twitterers is Redneck For Life. The picture below is captioned Redneck Car Door Lock. A few tweets that give you a flavor of his strange appeal to a guy like me:

You might be a Redneck if...If going to the bathroom in the middle of the night involves putting on shoes, jacket and grabbing a flashlight.

You might be a Redneck if...Your house doesn't have curtains, but your truck does.

You might be a Redneck if...Jack Daniel's makes your list of "most admired people."

You might be a Redneck if...You have flowers planted in a bathroom appliance in your front yard.

You might be a Redneck if...Your idea of a 7 course meal is a bucket of KFC and a sixpack.

You might be a Redneck if...You look upon a family reunion as a chance to meet "Ms. Right."

You might be a Redneck if...You ever used a weed-eater indoors.


  1. I think I know some people like that. (:0)

  2. Oh my sides are hurting... I just needed this laugh tonight.... thanks Bob.

  3. HA!!!

    Hey I love the new look here! You find the coolest templates (and of course the coolest banner!!)

  4. I think my son is a redneck. He has an old pickup truck that he has to hold the driver's side door shut when he's driving. I think it has camo duct tape holding some other parts on.

  5. I wish that I didn't relate to some of these so much.. maybe that is why it makes me laugh :)

    Thanks for the kudos on the template change Barbara.. I got tired of the slow load on the old template. Initially I used this template for my other blog and like it so well that I made a few changes to it and used it here.


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