Meatball Wars

In this picture taken on Sunday Chef Matthew Mitnitsky of Concord, NH celebrates after his meatball weighed in at 225.5 pounds and broke the world record for the largest meatball. The competition was set off in August when someone in Mexico set the record with a 109 pound meatball and was advanced by Talk Show host Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles with a 198.6 pound meatball. Chef Mitnitsky said he got involved "to bring the meatball back to the East Coast because that's where it originated."

I do suspect the record might be a bit of a PR stunt for Nonni's Italian Eatery 


  1. Most of the Guinness and Guinness-like records are stunts for personal or commercial attention. They are a one-event version of a County Fair. Harmless fun and plenty of high-calorie food!

  2. I'm not sure about meatballs, but I thought of you when I saw this on Etsy, Bob.

    It's BACON!


  3. Thanks crownring.. bacon.. pure inspiration!


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