Suggestions for Loud Talkers

Been out in public a bit more than usual this week.. chemo, doctor and physical therapy appointments got me out of my cave. On several occasions I found myself around loud talking cell-phoners.

I think that some of these phones just lend themselves to folks yelling a bit.. ever see how small some of them are? Once upon a time the part of the phone you talked into was right next to your mouth.. now they are often inches away.. so.. unfortunately.. people feel a need to talk loudly. Here are a few suggestions for you if you find your self in such a situation:
  1. Be aware of your surroundings.. people aren't interested in your conversation;
  2. Talk lower and ask the person on the other end of the call if they can hear you okay;
  3. Adjust the volume.. sometimes we talk louder if the phone's receiver is too low;
  4. Let calls go to voicemail.. not every call is all that important;
  5. Change locations.. if you have to talk loudly then please find a solitary place to do it.
Do you have any other suggestions for loud talkers?


  1. No suggestions. But, a question. Would it be a good idea to forward this to my wife? ;-)

    Loud talkers on cell phones drive me crazy. There should be a course in cell phone etqiuette.

  2. LOL.. just glad your wife isn't reading here Brian :)

  3. Cars and cellphones give people a false sense of privacy, I think.

  4. maybe if they can't hear the person on the other end quite well, they think that person can't hear them well either

  5. Call me a cynic, if you must, but I think that most of the people that are talking louder than need to or using the phone at a time or in a location that is not proper are aware that they are but don't care. I give them my patented "you should be wearing that phone on your other end" stare.

    The most obvious and unnecessary violators are the Nextel users with "one button" talking like a walkie-talkie. Not only is the phone being used as a speakerphone it also beeps with every transmission.

    Answering your cell phone when you are with another person socially is very rude unless the call is an emergency.


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