Dot-Com Wonders

Here is my unofficial list of .com sites (along with their year of birth) that you might be thankful for today:
  • 1989 - AOL takes off into cyberspace;
  • 1994 - Yahoo blazes an email trail;
  • 1995 - Amazon began an eCommerce journey;
  • 1996 - eBay is open for business
  • 1997 - Google began taking requests;
  • 1999 - Blogger starts blogging;
  • 1999 - Napster plays sweet music that dies 2 years later;
  • 2000 - Craigslist goes national;
  • 2000 - Paypal swipes its first credit card transaction;
  • 2001 - Wikipedia is born;
  • 2003 - Typepad starts blogging; 
  • 2003 - Skype begins making net calls;
  • 2004 - Kansas Bob enters the Blogosphere;
  • 2004 - MySpace begins socially networking bands and friends;
  • 2004 - Flickr dumped it's first photo on the net;
  • 2004 - TheFacebook debuted (relaunched as Facebook in 2006);
  • 2005 - YouTube cranks out its first Larry King video;
  • 2005 - Firefox web browser Mozillas the net;
  • 2005 - Wordpress starts blogging;
  • 2006 - Twitter is hatched;
I know I missed many. Please let me know what sites you are thankful for.


  1. How about the Bill Tammeus blog?

    He has done a great job of attacking Catholics and providing a forum for atheists so smear, ridicule, insult and try to intimidate believers by telling them to SHUT UP AND DIE!

    All this, while their own atheist dicussion board collapsed.


    And the beauty of it is, Bill can ban people who try to repsond to them, while acting above it all.

    Hypocrisy is sweet!

  2. I have met Bill.. he is a nice guy who seems to attract a different crowd on his blog. I stopped commenting a lot much when he started moderating comments.. too hard to keep up when a blog doesn't email comments.

    Have you ever met Bill? How did you find his blog?

  3. I am very thankful the event that occurred in 2004! :)

  4. Bob, sure...Bill acts like a nice guy. He is polite, gracious, etc.

    So what?

    He maintains a MODERATED blog that he lets atheists dominate and smear, ridicule, insult, and threaten believers with remarks like "shut up and die" and "you are Psychotic", "you are delusional", etc.

    But then he blocks responses.

    One of the trolls there posts under several atheist monikers and is known to use theists names when he posts at other sites.

    All this is fact.

    So, why have a moderated blog at all if thats going on?

    The only conclusion I can draw is that he gets something out of it.

    And lets face it, he attacks Catholics again and again. You know Catholics have noticed this.

    So, just what is it you mean by "nice guy"?

  5. Oh, and yes, I have met Bill.

    Again, so what?

    That proves...?

  6. Guess you have more experience with Bill's blog than I do Andrew and have drawn conclusions about him that I have not. My main interaction with him was a dinner with other blog friends 4 years ago.. he seemed like a nice guy then.. but I really do not know him other than that night and a few email exchanges since then.

    I do remember some of the unmoderated dialog that initially went on the first years that he blogged.. all of the venom there in addition to the alien space talk turned me off. I didn't like to see him moderate but understood why. He has always published my scant commenting.. if he didn't I would probably be upset.. I have had others filter my comments and I didn't like it.. it is why I chose to delete comments after the fact instead of moderating them.

    I assume that you have emailed him with your concerns and he has either not responded or responded in a way that you were not satisfied with. I am sorry for that.


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