Confronting a Scary Diagnosis

Lew Alcindor (aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) was playing basketball for Power Memorial High School when I was attending Brooklyn Technical High School in the 1960s. His prowess on the court was legendary even back then. I loved watching Kareem play college and pro basketball.. he always reminded me of my New York roots.

So I was saddened today when I heard that he has been diagnosed with leukemia. According to this LA Times article:
The disease was diagnosed in December. But Abdul-Jabbar said his condition can be managed by taking oral medication daily, seeing his specialist every other month and getting his blood analyzed regularly. He said he expects to lead a healthy life.

Abdul-Jabbar acknowledged he was scared after visiting his doctor and learning of the diagnosis.

"The word 'leukemia' is a very frightening word," he said in a phone interview from New York. "In many instances, it's a killer and it's something that you have to deal with in a very serious and determined way if you're going to beat it."
I can so resonate with a scary diagnosis.. we were scared last year when Ann was diagnosed with Devics Disease.. living with things like cancer, ALS and other life threatening diseases can do a job on your brain. It causes you to confront the fleeting aspects of this thing called life.. it sometimes refocuses your attentions to things like prayer and worship that transcend life.

Have you ever been given a scary diagnosis? How did you react? Do you have any suggestions for others in similar situations?


  1. fortunately no. but I have to learn or feel what it feels like for me to be able to deal better with my patients

  2. No I haven't personally but I have gone through it with friends. Without the Lord it would have been totally hopeless.

  3. I haven't but as you know family members and friends have. I can't think of how anyone does it without God.

    Please pray for Roger and his wife. She's fighting hard.

  4. No, but I have been through it with families and friends. Watching you and Ann deal with health problems has encouraged me to be strong during Keven's addiction.

  5. I have been given some scary diagnoses in my life; most turned out to be untrue...but the fear is real. Praying for all concerns here.

  6. "most turned out to be untrue"

    I had one like that about my ankles Karen.. some docs say some pretty outrageous things. I occasionally ask them "Is that your medical opinion?".. they get the message.


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