Thanksgiving in Oz

We had a quiet Thanksgiving accompanied by Turkey and Pumpkin Pie!
Hope you had a great one! Did you stay home or hit the road?


  1. Hey!!! We are not that stupid but then Grade 2 were a very difficult 5 years!!!

  2. We stayed home this year, as my wife had to work.

  3. Had Thanksgiving with the family at our oldest daughter's (45 minutes away)

    Just had some leftover cornbread stuffing....
    Thanksgiving leftovers are the best kind!

  4. Yes, it was a small gathering but nice. I didn't overeat (alert the media!). Then I got to see Kev and brought him two burgers, he was THRILLED to get burgers its been months and he was craving them.

  5. Ozstralia - I love it Mark.. always wondered where Dorothy went went she left Kansas.

  6. This cartoon totally cracks me up. Glad you posted it.
    Helped serve at an Assisted Living residence near our home. Our church got volunteers to cook and serve. We had more volunteers than people eating. All our family helped decorate and set tables and then chatted with some of the residents and then we left. We were walking all over each other. Very small room and too many of us. Not quite as fun or fulfilling as last year serving the homeless.
    Then we went to our friends house for dinner. This was her first time doing the trukey by herself. Her husband always did it or they were at our house. Now that he's gone its a whole new world for her. We all pitched in and had a really tasty dinner, my hubby watching football and kids and family playing games and laughing a lot. I'm so thankful for my family and good friends. it was a rich day.
    Thus ends my "novella".

  7. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts here.

    Our day was pretty sedate.. just the two of us thankful for the opportunity to be together after Ann was in the hospital Monday and Tuesday.

    And thanks Sue for being there for those seniors and for your friend.. it did sound like a rich day.


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