You might be emerging if..

Barbara linked to this post with the same name as this post. You need to check it out.. if just to see the great pics.. here is a teaser:

You use these words in a positive way:
Missional, Liquid/Aqua, Ancient-Future, Post ____, Jesus, Community, Derrida, Liturgy, Global, Creed, Experience, Social Justice, Conversation, Spiritual, Ritual, Beauty, Art, Blog, Ooze, Journey, Discussion, Open, Random, Culture, Technology
You use these words in a negative way:
Foundationalism, Absolute Truth, Church Growth, D.A. Carson, Calvinism, Modernism, Fundamentalist, Bush, Seeker Sensitive, Preaching, Pulpit, Doctrine, Innerancy, Power, Enlightenment, Rationalism, Meta-narratives, Universal, Judgemental
Depending on your sense of humor, you're a tad irritated with this post.


  1. LOL! It looks like everyone is emerging! I think everyone can find at least a couple words from both categories! :D

    I think all Christians would use 'Jesus' and 'spiritual' in a positive way, while all would use 'judgmental' in a negative sense (and if your Charismatic or Pentecostal, then 'rational' and 'Enlightenment' definitely make your negative list!)

  2. I am more "emerging" than I thought. I might... just might be a liberal Christian.


  3. I'm trying to imagine someone saying "pulpit" like it's a dirty word....

    Funny choices!


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