Candidates Worst Jobs

As a follow-up to this post I have listed a few excerpts from this AP article:

Mike Huckabee remembers a thankless task at Penney's as a teenager, scrubbing away fingerprints only to have customers smudge the glass all over again.

Mitt Romney worked in a sewage pipe on an Idaho ranch when the effluent was still flowing.

In Alaska as a post-grad, Hillary Rodham Clinton spooned the guts out of fish.

"Backbreaking work," Bill Richardson said of his summer of laying sod on Cape Cod.

Fred Thompson: "I've worked in a factory, I was a bouncer at my uncle's drag strip, I worked at the post office, I sold children's shoes, I sold ladies', I sold men's clothing, I was a night clerk at a motel.

John Edwards had awful cleaning duties earlier at the textile mill where he worked summers and part time during school. And the other part of that job was mopping out from under the looms — the grease."

John McCain: The Navy pilot landed in a vicious Hanoi prison and has no complaints about other circumstances of his youth: "I've never really had a bad job."

Barack Obama cleared a construction site for a summer on Manhattan's Upper West Side while attending Columbia University. But he says his worst job was scooping ice cream at a Baskin-Robbins because he ate too much of it.

Rudy Giuliani weighed the priesthood and medicine before pursuing law.

Chris Dodd did construction work for the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. He counts his job selling clothes in a haberdashery as his worst job.

John might disagree.. but I think his "job" in Hanoi is probably the worst of the jobs listed.. although Hillary's fish gut spooning doesn't sound like fun.

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