My Favorite YouTube Videos

Following are my top three picks for 2007:

Nothing comes close to this video!

This one still makes me cry!

This one was just fun!

What were your favorites in 2007?


  1. All three are great, Bob. I might have to cast my vote for #3 though. Pretty good stuff!

  2. I just discovered the story of Paul Potts today. What an inspiration!

  3. I used the Paul Potts video in September when I was teaching a class.. it is an amazing story of someone with an amazing talent who didn't believe in himself.

  4. I just got the Paul Potts CD for Christmas. I listened to it this morning on the drive to work.


    My faves for the year, though? WOW! How to narrow it down to just a couple. I'm with you an the Paul Potts video. He's number one.

    I think 6-year old Connie Talbot takes the number two spot for me.

    I know there are many others, but those two do come to mind first.


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