Top Viral Videos

Time Magazine recently announced the Top 10 Viral Videos for 2007.. those videos that people downloaded over and over again. Here they are listed in my own rank order.. best ones first.. well.. after the first few I didn't like them too much..
Vote Different ..great Obama commercial

Iran So Far ..funny SNL digital short with Andy, Adam and Fred

The Landlord ..with Will Ferrel

Thriller ..odd dance sequence with Philippine prison dancers

Can't Tase This ..MC Hammer remix with tasered UF student

Dan Rather ..on the roof.. no scarf.. not coat

Clark and Michael ..the series preview

Miss Teen USA 2007 ..South Carolina contestant answers a question

Daft Hands ..lame video

Leave Brittany Alone! ..bad language warning.. Time's #1 ..she's a he!
Let me know which ones you would put at the top of your list.

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