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The Twilight Zone - Time Enough At last

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Growing up in the late 1950s and 1960s the Twilight Zone was one the highlights of my TV watching life. It was usually broadcast on Friday nights in New York. This is one of my favorite episodes. Burgess Merideth plays a great character and the ending of this particular episode was one of the best ever. If you have never watched this great show do yourself favor and watch this one.. and if you remember it let us know what you thought about the Zone.. any of the episodes.


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  2. I remember one where a guy worked at a wax museum, and the museum closed. He got to take all the wax people home with him, and he set them up and obsessed over them, upsetting his wife, if I recall correctly. I've forgotten most of the action from that point until the end when all wax people came alive and started marching towards him, bent on no good purpose. The image of those zombies stayed in my little mind for years and years afterwards, something really spooked me about his obsession with them.

    That was a great show and my parents probably shouldn't have let us watch it as often as we did, very creepy.

    What was the other one, the one that temporarily "took over control of your TV set" and returned control of it to you at the end? My memory says it ran during the same era. It had a swirling image at the beginning and end of the show....

  3. I was a teenager when I watched TZ.. I think it would have been a bit scary for one as young as you :)

    The show you asked about was "The Outer Limits".. I never really got into that one.


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