Pray for Kelli

12/1 Update: A final excerpt from Kelli's blog:
Apparently, once they opened up my back, they discovered that my condition had worsened since my MRIs. Dr. Borkowski said the rupture was "huge", and that the whole mess was within days of another "explosion".

This explosion would have sent additional shards of bone and jagged disc material cutting through my spinal cord, and could have caused paralysis, as well as complete loss of control of the bowel and bladder.

In other words, I was just days away from a colossal medical emergency.
Kelli is back on her feet these days will small residuals left from her back injury. An amazing climax to this great story. Thanks for praying.

11/23: Two Short Video Updates from Kelli: To God be the Glory!

From Kelli's 11/16 Update: Kelli's friends have raised all of the money needed to cover her back surgery.. WooHoo.. and the money is still coming in. She is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. This video is a great one to watch in preparation for Thanksgiving. Please give thanks and pray for Kelli.

10/30: Please pray for Kelli who writes:

I'm thirty-one years old, and I cannot get around without a walker. I cannot sit at a desk for more than ten minutes without blacking out from the nausea and pain. ... My life has been condensed to a few bleak moves. A restricted dance of shuffle, shuffle, step, step. Of agony when I sit. Agony when I lay. Agony when I stand.


  1. Wow, my heart broke when I read this. I just wrote her name down on the top of my list of people to pray for.

  2. Bob,
    Thank you SO much for posting this prayer request on your blog.

    I've had something very hopeful happen tonight. A possibility for surgery that could really help.

    You can check out my latest post for more, but it could very well be an answer to our prayers!

    Thanks again for being you,

  3. Awesome news, I have been praying for her!!! (Hi Kelli!)


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