Spooky eBay Transaction

Most of this month has been spent looking to replace my SUV with a wheelchair accessible van.. sigh.

Anywho, last week we thought that we found the right Toyota van for the right price on eBay. We spent several days asking questions and zeroed in on it last Wednesday night and entered the Buy It Now deposit on Paypal only to be rejected 5 times in a row.. never had that happen before.. quite frustrating.. as Ann rolled off to the bedroom a thought crossed my mind.. maybe I should re-read the eBay write-up. Yeah.. you guessed it.. the van had been in an accident.. neither of us caught it the first (and several times after) that we read it.

Of course we took the Paypal glitch as a sign of sorts and didn't buy the Toyota. Bought a Honda (see picture) on Friday from an out of state dealer.. they happened to be having a year-end clearance and dropped their price several thousand dollars from the price we had discussed the week before. An early Christmas blessing.. I love it when that happens.


  1. Wow, that's a crazy story, KB. Sorry you had to make that purchase, though.
    I hope you guys are doing okay.

  2. We've got an Odyssey... Not wheelchair accessible, but they are great vehicles.

    We also have a 1998 Dodge Stratus for sale if you're interested. For you, KB, I'll sell it for the low low price of $1000.

    Think about it.


    PS: Did I mention that the Stratus totally kicks ass?

  3. Might sound a bit ungrateful Matt but I despise my bigfoot.. not really but I often say that my life resembles my cars.. traded my Lexus for bigfoot :)


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