The Politics of Religion

Recently Newseek Magazine asked this question:
Do you consider people of the Mormon faith to be Christian?
My blog friend Janna has a lively discussion over at her place around this question. Here is how I answered:
If the question was..
"Do you consider Mormonism to be Christian?" answer would be no.. but asking us to make a judgment on people.. and (really) a person (Romney) in particular.. is a place that I will not go.. I will not say that say that Romney.. who appears to love Jesus.. is not a Christian because he was raised in Mormonism.

Really.. an Evangelical can embrace all of the "correct" beliefs at a head level but be utterly lost because they have never bowed their heart to Jesus.. alternately.. a Mormon may not have it all together in their head but may have bowed their hearts to Jesus with everything they know to bow.
I have watched Mitt Romney respond to some pretty hateful questioning about Mormonism.. it has made me sad that so many "orthodox" Christians have been so unloving. To be clear, I don't have a problem with asking a candidate to answer religious questions.. no more than I do asking him other "personal" questions. What I object to is the slamming of a man.. who is faithful to his wife, his family, his church and his country.. because he embraces the faith that he was raised in.

If you are inclined to do so.. judge Romney on his actions while Governor of Massachusetts.. criticize his positions on the issues.. take issue with him for changing his positions.. but don't fault him for being a Mormon.. and don't fault Mike Huckabee for believing in "Intelligent Design" :)

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