Plastic Surgery

Tallying the votes it appears that YES got 45%, NO got 42% and everyone else either didn't know or have an opinion.

I think that.. generally speaking.. this question can only be asked in the West.. maybe I am wrong but I think that we in the West are overly narcissistic and preoccupied with appearance.. might be wrong though.. maybe you readers from the East can provide some perspective.

I think that I would probably answer yes with the condition that the surgery would not put undue stress on your budget.. how is that for a Western answer? Okay.. what do you think? And tell us if you have had plastic surgery.. even if you have to answer anonymously.

For the record I have not had plastic surgery.. not that I don't need it J


  1. I live in Japan, and plastic surgery is not that big. South Korea, on the other hand, is the plastic surgery capital of the world, if I am not mistaken. Parents take their daughters to the plastic surgeon for their birthday, I hear.

  2. Thanks Casey for that insight. I wonder what the difference is between the cultures of Japan and South Korea?

  3. I have to say I have never thought about it being right or wrong before. I guess that indicates that I think it's fine.

    I don't necessarily agree with most of the rationalizations that go into getting plastic surgery. Any augmentiation of the "private" parts of the body I consider a bit over-the-top. But if someone doesn't like the "crick" in their nose, do what you have to do.

  4. I am not that sure but I think plastic surgery is quite big in Asia, though "big" is subjective and relative. I did a search in The Economist and got this 2004 article on China's beauty business:

    "The Chinese beauty industry is now worth $24 billion a year according to one government estimate.

    So far, so American. But there is a difference. Most western women (aspiring actresses apart) make use of beauty products or undergo plastic surgery primarily to boost their self-esteem. In China, by contrast, an enhanced appearance—often to add an eyelid crease and build up the nose—is primarily viewed as a ticket to higher earnings. Surgery is a commercial investment, often funded with a loan."

  5. I am a never married older female. My looks are average. I have had a consult for rhinoplasty and according to the doctor my nose is too large for my face ( even for a mans face ) so yes I would like to get it done. But it is expensive and I can't afford it. If I could the next thing I need is courage and having to explain all the comments I would get from fellow christians why I am so vain and why I wasn't content with my looks.

  6. Hey Anonymous ... I don't think too many are "content" with how they look.. if they were they wouldn't exercise, put on make up, buy cool clothes, etc :)


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