Churchbucks: Are Cupholders Needed in Pews?

About 10 years ago I began to notice a new trend in churches - coffee brewed in the lobby and people bringing coffee into the auditorium ... I have done this on occasion but no longer do it. Coffee in church sets a different environment. I am not sure that I like it ... but I am not sure that I don't.

The religious side of me wants to judge people who do it - I mean I don't do it anymore ... although I have recently drank coffee in Sunday School. My merciful side (just call me Easy Bob) says why not ... what is wrong with it? Personally I find it hard to focus on the Lord when I am worrying about spilling my coffee. Maybe churches just need cup holders :)


  1. I don't mind the coffee I ask that you please take your cup with you. We don’t have maid service.

  2. I'm with Milly, but PLEASE don't sell coffee at church. The hotel that we met at for a time thought it would be a nifty idea to set up a snack bar outside of our meeting room. Gave me goosebumps - moneychangers in the temple and all. It only happened the one time.

  3. Remember the old days, Bob? When going to church meant getting all dressed up? Wearing your Sunday best? We actually had "church clothes".

    As for coffee in church, I've done it but same as you, it was distracting. Now I keep a water bottle in my purse if I have to have a sip or too.

  4. I've given this a little thought and I don't think the moneychangers comparison is apt. I think Jesus was more angry at peopel being taken advantage of my moneychangers and people who sold sacrifical animals. If it were just about selling things then I suppose that my church should take out the booktable too and that doesn't seem to fit the spirit of what Jesus was saying. Now should coffee be sold in church? I think it should be given away as a means of hospitality and grace.

    Also, cupholders on the backs of chairs would rawk.

    Also also, yes you should throw away your cups.


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