Jonathan Edwards Quotes

A few sayings from that great American theologian, philosopher of British American Puritanism, and stimulator of the religious revivial "Great Awakening", who lived from 1703 to 1758.

“Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life.”

“Resolution One: I will live for God. Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will.”

“The way to Heaven is ascending; we must be content to travel uphill, though it be hard and tiresome, and contrary to the natural bias of our flesh.”

“I assert that nothing ever comes to pass without a cause.”

“The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.”

“Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected.”

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  1. Edwards was a very interesting person; I did a paper on the Great Awakening back when I was in college that focused heavily on him and many of the other so-called backwoods revivalists. Now you've got me interested again; might have to do some reading up on him.


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