An excerpt from interesting article titled Clark Kent:
While we often are very willing to exhibit ‘vulnerability’ in our personal relationships we consider it off-limits in our professional lives. Some equate vulnerability to weakness and are threatened by it. Yet we have all been inspired by people who openly acknowledge how they’ve worked through professional—and personal—issues that were emotionally challenging.

Being vulnerable really means finding the courage to be sincere, open and honest. It also means being receptive to the input from others. A balance of truthfulness and sensitivity creates a safe environment in which everyone can learn and grow.
I thought it interesting that I read this after I posted about intimate communion. I wonder, is vulnerability all about letting people in on your secret identity?


  1. This really got to me Bob because I have been conflicted over this very it appropriate to be vulnerable with everyone? No, only with those that you desire a special relationship with. It it appropriate to be honest with everyone? Yes. Does not revealing your secret life with people you work with or are friends with mean you are being dishonest?

    I think I better stop here and turn this into a post on my own blog before I get carried away!

  2. I don't think we are called to be vulnerable with everyone, but I do think we need to be vulnerable with somebody (boy have I learned that!) and always with God. I think Jesus was only really vulnerable with those closest to him - and a few he was called to be so. ??

  3. Thanks for the clarifications. I so agree that we need to exercise wisdom and discretion when we are vulnerable. We should walk slowly and not run in this area.

  4. I do think being vulnerable is about revealing your "secret identity". It's that part of ourselves we all keep from the rest of the world. And letting people in on that requires a trust that they won't mess with your heart... and that kind of trust is really hard to come by.


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