Fred Dalton Thompson

6/15 Update: In response to Dr James Dobson's assertation that Fred Thompson is not a Christian, blogger Mark Elrod has issued
The “I Saw Fred Thompson at a Church of Christ” Challenge.
This lame video gets me to wondering what Fred really believes. According to this article Fred has never:
    • run a corporation or a city,
    • been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize,
    • seen combat,
    • been married to a former president,
    • paid for a $400 haircut or
    • cheated on his wife.
I looked around wondering where Fred is on the issues. According to this site Fred seems to be your quintesential pro-war conservative republican. Which leads me to ask:

Isn't John McCain already running for president?

Other than the above 'never list', can somebody enunciate the difference between candidates Thompson and McCain?


  1. I think I've read before that Thompson and McCain were friends in the Senate. I'm not sure there's much policy difference between the two. The difference, I suppose, is in charisma and tact, with Thompson having the advantage.

  2. It is my understanding that Thompson is a little more conservative on social issues than McCain. This is what I have been able to gather from what little information I have heard about him.


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