Scared into the Kingdom?

Signs like this one really get me to thinking about the messages that we religious people send out. Does anyone think that we can be scared into the kingdom? If so, for how long? Can fear keep you there?


  1. Umm, this is rather embarrassing to admit but yes, I was threatened into accepting Christ out of fear of Hell. Thank GOD (thank you, Jesus) that I figured out the truth and let go of the fear. But yeah, people use that method and it works on some.

    That sign is funny if its meant to be "cute" but sad if its not.

  2. Heck, the media shows us people scaring us into panicking about global warming, dumping coffee, chocolate, fats, fast food, breathing even, as causes for cancer (and then a month later there's another study that says whatever it is is good for you).

    I think scaring people is human nature, and using it to evangelize is wrong.

    Conversely, some forms of "friendship evangelism" come across as fake, gooey, overbearing, just plain creepy.


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