Vacations with Laptops

This article says one in five people toted laptop computers on their most recent vacations. Danny Sims must have his laptop with him because he is posting blog pictures on his vacation.

I have to admit that in recent years my laptop has become one of the bags that I pack when we travel. Most hotels along the way have wifi (or wired) connections and I find it helpful to have MapQuest, Picassa and other programs (okay - Blogger) available when I am on the road. Anybody else drag their laptop with them on vacation?


  1. There is a possibility that my sister is going to take me on a cruise to Alaska! Of course I want to bring my laptop, but if she has a fit about that I will consider leaving it at home. Do they have internet hook-ups in cabins on cruise ships? I hope so! I think it would be really fun to post pics on a daily basis and I can NOT be away from email!!! (well I don't want to be...)

  2. I took mine on a road trip last year and it was very helpful. It replaced a lot of travel brochures and a lot of phone calls to make and change hotel plans.

    At the same time, I worried about leaving it in the hotel room, and I didn't have the right cable and had to borrow (or RENT) one at the hotel desk.

    All in all, I'd do it again on a trip of more than destination.

  3. What is this vacation thing of which you speak?

    Also, my laptop is like my symbiote. Except it doesn't make me Jazz dance or wear mascara.


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